When choosing a massage therapist it is only natural to want to get the very best person possible. Massage therapy has the ability to help you to reduce your stress levels, remove kinks and knots that might be present and improve your overall sense of well-being. Hiring the best massage therapist that has the skills needed to accomplish these goals, making the penny you pay more than worthwhile. So what attributes should you expect from the very best in the field? Keep reading for Salon & Spa De Crist’s information on choosing a massage therapist.

Male Massage Therapist vs. Female Massage Therapist

It has long been debated whether or not there is a significant difference that can be asserted between men and women when it comes to the quality of the massage therapy that they perform. The truth of the matter is that they have both been taught the same techniques and have spent hours upon hours practicing these techniques in order to master them. Some may say that they believe one sex is better than the other due to their strength, sensitivity or other traits. The reality is that if they are well trained they should be able to provide their services as specified within their education. 

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It is often asserted that men are stronger than women, and in some cases, this is absolutely the truth. However, when applied to massage therapy it is more important to remember just how much work has gone into their training. Each massage therapist, man or woman, has put in the work to be as strong as needed to be able to perform throughout the day, ensuring that all of their guests have the best experience possible. 

For someone that is not a professional in this field, you may not understand how massage therapy works. It really has far less to do with strength than many people would assume. Of course, you have to be strong to some degree to be able to manipulate muscles day in and day out, but there is a lot more to the process. One of the most important skills a massage therapist is taught is how to best use their body to get the results they are looking for. If all of the work was done by the hands, it would be nearly impossible to do it through the entire day. Instead, a lot of it is by using their own weight and angles in order to work through tense muscles. 

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The stamina that a massage therapist has is mostly due to the amount of experience that they have. The first thing you should remember is that they had to put in many hundreds of hours into perfecting their technique before they could even enter the working world. They have built up their stamina through a great deal of practicing as well as internships before they officially became massage therapy professionals. When the issue of men versus women comes up there is no difference in how capable they are to perform at their highest levels throughout the day. Both genders have proven through their dedication that they have what it takes to be of the best in their field. 


One of the most important attributes of a quality massage therapist is being in tune with the reactions of their clients while they are performing their services. They are taught through extensive training to be mindful of any physical or vocal reactions that they get from their clients. They can identify small twitches, jerking motions and sounds as to whether or not their patient is getting relief or is experiencing discomfort. There is nothing that is innate to one sex or another as to whether or not they can be sensitive to the needs of their clients. What really matters is that they took training seriously and pay attention to the cues that they are given. Some may assume that a female is more sensitive, but it has been shown that everyone has the ability to possess and even learn these skills, regardless of their gender.

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Feeling Comfortable

What really matters most is that you feel comfortable with the massage therapist that you will be working with. There aren’t many benefits from a massage if you do not feel comfortable throughout the experience. Massage therapy should be something that you personally enjoy. Studies show that for the most part people tend to pick service providers that are of the same gender that they are. This can be for a variety of reasons and in some cases, they may not even know why they made the choice that they did.

However, when you are ready to enjoy massage therapy services, ask yourself whether or not it really matters what gender they are. In fact, maybe you will be missing out on a certain technique or approach that might most benefit your specific needs simply because of a judgment that you made based on their gender. Of course, in the end, the choice is absolutely yours. What matters more than anything else is that you can feel comfortable with the final choice of your massage therapist

Final Notes on Choosing a Massage Therapist

When you make the decision to enjoy massage therapy keep the information we’ve gathered here in mind. There are many myths and stereotypes that exist in all kinds of jobs and how different genders are better for them. The fact is for the most part, that is just because of what we have been misled to believe. Men and women can offer the same skills as well as different approaches that have nothing to do with their gender. Pick the opposite gender than you usually do for a massage therapist next time so that you can see this for yourself! Salon & Spa De Crist’s licensed massage therapists are top-rated and provide the best therapy services in Lee’s Summit, MO. Schedule an appointment today. 

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