Wearing your hair the same way every day is boring. This is particularly true when you are a tween or a teenager. Experimenting with different hairstyles is half the fun of being this age. If you are tired of always wearing the same hairstyle and are ready to try something new, check out this list of popular hairstyles for tweens to get some ideas and inspiration:

20 Hairstyles for Tweens

1. A side waterfall braid 

To start our favorite hairstyles for tweens off are waterfall braids. Waterfall braids are extremely trendy right now. Although they look complicated, they are actually quite easy to do. If you know how to do a French braid, you already have the skills necessary to achieve this hairstyle. As you braid, you just need to drop the lower section of the braid and replace it with new hair rather than adding it into the braid. This will give you the waterfall effect. Try doing it on one side of the head for a cute, casual look.

2. Topknot

This hairstyle is perfect for second-day hair or for those mornings when you are rushing out the door. Simply pull all of your hair up on top of your head and begin twisting it, making a large bun. Finish by wrapping the base of the bun with a scrunchy to hold it in place.

all the biggest trendy hairstyles for tweens and teenagers

3. Short on the sides, long on top 

This hairstyle is more about the cut than the technique. Hair that is cut short on the sides but left long on the top is extremely popular for girls and guys alike. 

4. Side cornrows 

If you are looking for an edgy hairstyle, side cornrows are the ideal solution. With this option, you create anywhere from 2 to 4 small cornrows on one side of your head. This gives the illusion of having a shaved side. Trendy hairstyles for tweens can change often, so try side cornrows before a more permanent style.

side cornrows for trendy hairstyles for tweens

5. Slicked back

This style works best on short or medium-length hair. Simply wet your hair with hair gel and slick it straight back. This is another style that looks great on both guys and girls. 

6. High ponytail

Some hairstyles for tweens make it through the decades. Ponytails worn high on the head are as popular today as they were many years ago.  All that you need to do is gather your hair together at the crown of your head, securing the ponytail with a hair tie.

high ponytail and other tween hairstyle trends

7. Half up with side twists

This half-up, half-down look is cute and easy to achieve. Simply grab the section of hair on one side of your head and begin twisting it toward the back of your head. Continue until you reach the back and pin it in place using bobby pins. Repeat the process on the other side. Allow the rest of your hair to hang down.

8. Side bun

Classy hairstyles for tweens include the side bun. Start by pulling your hair into a low side ponytail just behind the bottom of one of your ears. Then, wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail to create a bun. Use as many bobby pins as necessary to hold it in place. Consider adding a pretty hair clip with a flower to elevate the look even further.

9. Classic French braid

You can’t go wrong with a classic French braid. This is another hairstyle that works well for second or third-day hair since it doesn’t matter if your hair is a little bit limp and greasy.

10. Dutch braids

Braid hairstyles for tweens don’t stop at the classic French braid. Try Dutch braids next. If you know how to French braid, this will be no problem.  Simply put, you are braiding underneath rather than over. The look is similar to the iconic character on the Swiss Miss cocoa package.

11. Spiked

If you have short hair, spiking it is always an option. This look works for both guys and girls. Invest in a good hair gel. Opt for an extreme-hold version so that your style will last all day. Then, simply spike your hair up to create a fun, edgy look.

12. More Braid Hairstyles for Tweens – Pinned braid

If you want your hair to look cute but don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, try making a simple braid on one side of your head. When you reach the area by your ear, pin it in place using a hair clip or a couple of bobby pins.

pinned braid by Salon & Spa De Crist

13. Half-up top knot

This hairstyle is similar to the top knot listed above. The only difference is that you only include the front half of your hair in the top knot. The rest of your hair hangs down. Pull the section of hair from the front of your head to the area just behind your ears up to the top of your head, twist it into a loose bun, and secure it with a scrunchy or ponytail holder.

14. Side hair combs

Not only does Salon De Crist discuss hairstyles for tweens in this article, but we make sure you know popular hair accessories as well. Hair combs were extremely popular in the 1980s. Today, they are making a comeback. You can use them to easily pull the sides of your hair back, creating a cute retro look.

15. Classic headbands

Headbands are not only cute but they are ideal if you are in the process of growing out your bangs. They help control unruly hair while adding a lot of style to your look. 

headbands are a classic trend for tweens

16. French twist

For a more formal look, try doing a French twist. Start by pulling your hair into a low ponytail. Begin twisting it from the base of the hair up toward the top of your head, adding more hair to the twist as you go. Use bobby pins to secure it.

17. Half up with a clip

Pulling half of your hair back with a clip is a simple option that always looks great. Hairstyles for tweens don’t have to be complicated. In fact, with the busy schedules teenagers have these days, the more simple, the better. 

18. Multiple barrettes on the side 

One of Salon & Spa De Crist’s favorite hairstyles for tweens is using barrettes. This look creates a cute accent on your face. Use a line of simple snap barrettes on one side of your bangs to hold them back from your face. Try using barrettes in rainbow colors or tortoise shell patterns to add some fun to the look.

Barrettes are back and wearing multiple on one side of your head is the trend

19. High side buns

Creating high buns on the sides of your head is super cute. It is kind of like having Princess Leia buns except that they are located further up on your head. All you have to do is part your hair down the middle and create buns on either side of your head.

20. Twisted pigtails

Instead of standard pigtails, try twisted pigtails. Begin twisting the hair on one side of your head, working from the front to the back. When you reach the area behind your ear, secure the hair from that half of your head into a pigtail. Repeat the process on the other side.

Wrapping Up Hairstyles for Tweens

All of these popular hairstyles for tweens are cute and easy to recreate, making them a great option for changing up your look. Salon & Spa De Crist encourages young adults to express themselves and love who they are! Visit Salon & Spa De Crist to see yourself in a whole new light today!