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Hair Extensions

Bellami is the most recognized hair extension brand in the world! For two years in a row Bellami has had the largest earned media value of any hair care brand in the world! Highest quality cuticle Remy human hair extensions. Ethically sourced Hair.


We have the highest standard in quality control which ensures the consistency and quality of every pack of cuticle Remy human hair.


Methods of hair extensions:

  • Keratin tip
  • I-Tip’s
  • Volume weft
  • Hand tied weft
  • Halocouture

Salon & Spa De Crist has 4 certified Bellami extensions specialists available to give you the hair of your dreams! Ask for Melissa, Macy, Taylor or Erica!


*All the hair extensions we offer at Salon & Spa De Crist are Remy human hair, with special attention to how the hair is sourced all the hair extensions must be ethically sourced.


Salon & Spa De Crist offers a variety of extensions.


Tape-in extensions is the most popular, whether you are looking to add volume to your hair, length and fullness, or you are filling out an area of your hair that you wished you could simply grow thicker?


We use tape in extensions in a lot of different ways to achieve exactly what you are after.

Maintenance is every 4-6 weeks.


If you are looking for lower maintenance with your extensions, you should consider hair dreams. 


Lastly, we also offer the Halocouture which is our “no maintenance” option. This is simply a cute dress in the closet you will pull out when you want to look your BEST! This option is applied at home as desired when you need a little punch to your look for the day.

Tape In Extensions

Using the best quality of hair to add desired length, thickness or a pop of color. REMY Hair Extensions are not only 100% human hair, but they are also a great way to up your hair game!


Do you want more volume? Hair extensions aren’t only to extend length, but can also can give you the glamorous volume that has always seemed unattainable.  Get ready to pump up the volume at Salon & Spa De Crist with our Certified Hair Specialists!


Do you want more length? Growing your hair out can be a tedious process and sometimes a little hard on the ego. Extensions are a quick and manageable solution to give you the luxurious length you’ve been working so hard to gain without the wait!


Do you want damage free highlights with no commitment? Hair extensions can be used to create a new color look with no damage or commitment! We have 30 natural colors to bring variety to your existing color, as well as 10 fantasy colors!


Are you bored with your cut? Extensions can be customized to alter your cut by making slight modifications. Turn your chin length bob in to an asymmetrical angled bob. Our creative team of stylist, the possibilities are endless to achieve your perfect hair!