Hair Types – Tips on Caring for and Styling Your Hair Type

First and foremost, your hair is beautiful just like you. Oftentimes, we find ourselves always wishing for what we don’t have instead of appreciating what we do have. Hair is no exception. Those born with straight hair dream of curly locks while those born with curly hair dream of pin-straight strands. What if we gave you tips on care and styling for your unique hair type? Knowing the correct way to care for your hair type may help you embrace the different hair types, especially the one you have on your own head. With that being said, here at Salon & Spa De Crist, we love change and are here to make hair dreams come true. If you’re ready to switch it up, pay special attention to the different types of hair. Let’s get started. 

Different Types Of Hair

The four main different types of hair include straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Thanks to Andre Walker, a hairstylist to the stars including Oprah Winfrey, there is a system in place where curls are classified based on one of the four curl patterns. Type 1 is straight hair, type 2 is wavy hair, type 3 is curly hair, and type 4 is coily hair. From there, each type is divided into subcategories derived from the looseness and tightness of the curls and coils. 

It is important to remember that it is possible to have a few different hair types. For example, one may have a 2C at the root and 2A at the bottom of the strands. Once you’ve figured out the type of hair you have, it is time to understand the kind of care each type of hair needs. 

How to Care and Style the Different Hair Types

Caring for Type 1 Hair (Straight)

As mentioned before, type 1 is straight hair. People with type 1 hair have absolutely no natural curl or wave. It is important to note that even those with type 1 hair may have different textures to their hair. Straight hair tends to be more on the oily side, so make sure you are using products that do not add extra oil to your hair. Opt for texture sprays over thick serums. Dry shampoo is a key product for those with type 1 hair.

hair type - straight hair

Caring for Type 2 Hair (Wavy)

Type 2 hair is divided into three subcategories: Type 2A, Type 2B, and Type 2C, all wavy hair types.

Type 2A

Type 2A hair is the loosest shape of the S pattern. Oftentimes, type 2A hair will have a mixture of wavy and straight strands. Type 2a tends to be on the thinner side but is easily manageable. Similar to Type 1, we don’t recommend thick, heavy hair products. Add texture and volume with texture spray and products with frizz-free volume. Heat tools work especially well with b, but always make sure to use a heat protectant. 

Type 2B

Next, type 2B is when the hair curls or waves from the midpoint to the ends with a more distinct S shape. With just a small amount of salt spray, those with type 2B hair can achieve the beachy wave look. If you’re a fan of balayage, type 2b hair is the ideal hair type to rock the balayage trend. Minimal products are needed for the type 2B hair, but salt spray and a light styling gel are two products to keep handy. 

Type 2C


Type 2C hair is, you guessed it, the most defined S shape. The pattern of waves is visible from the crown of your head to the ends, and type 2C hair is often the thickest of all type 2 categories. Prone to frizz, we recommend using a diffuser and anti-humidity products. Try a lightweight mousse and avoid straightening hair as much as you can.

straight hair types

Caring for Type 3 Hair (Curly)

Type 3 hair is also divided into 3 subcategories. 

Type 3A

Type 3A hair is a mixture of S-shaped loose loops. There are two very important tips to remember if you have type 3A hair. Avoid brushing and avoid ponytails. Ponytails are okay when just pulling your hair back for a short amount of time, but if done too often there is a chance of thinning and hair loss. 

Make sure your 3A curls are moisturized and consider protein treatments every once in a while. Oils are our go-to products for those with 3A curls. Try avocado, jojoba, and coconut to maintain the right moisture for your curls and scalp.

Type 3B

Type 3B curls bounce from the roots and have great volume. Moisture is also key for these curls, and in order to prevent breakage, avoid products with silicone and sulfate. Shampoo once a week and deep condition your curls bi-weekly.

curly hair types

Type 3C

The last of our type 3 hair types are type 3C. If you have tight and springy curls, this section is for you. Often referred to as corkscrew curls, leave-in conditioners and curl defining creams are the best products for type 3C hair. 3C hair needs lots of attention, care, and hydration.

Caring for Type 4 Hair (Coils)

The subcategories for type 4 hair include 4a, 4b, and 4c. 

Type 4A

Type 4 hair is the most delicate of all hair types. Moisturizing consistently along with deep conditioning, butter, and creams are all habits and products to invest in when it comes to type 4 hair. The wash-and-go method is the perfect way to rock 4a hair.

Consider pre-sleep care by sleeping in a silk scarf or investing in a silk pillowcase. 

Type 4B


The 4b hair type is sharply angled with loosely defined coils. Oftentimes, type 4b follows a Z-shaped pattern. Treat the 4b hair type with coconut or castor oil before washing. Washing your hair in sections, and using quality moisturizing products are important when caring for type 4b hair.

hair types curly coily

Type 4C

4C hair has the tightest curls of all hair patterns. Care for the beautiful curls correctly by keeping moisture in the hair with sealant and oils. Shampoo regularly, but avoid shampoos with sulfates. Detangling is important to avoid breakage, and deep condition every 2 weeks. 

Last Thoughts on Hair Types

We hope the above information on the different hair types and how to care for each helps you keep your hair healthy and happy. The most important tip to remember when caring for your hair is to love your hair because every hair type is beautiful. Some hair types require more maintenance than others, and Salon & Spa De Crist is here to help. From straight to coily, invest in the quality products your hair and scalp need. Learn more about caring for your hair and skin and all things beauty here!