the ultimate guide to getting a summer glow that lasts all year

We all love and desire a sun-kissed glow that makes us feel confident and radiant. But achieving a healthy and natural-looking summer glow requires more than just soaking up some rays. To truly get your glow on and keep it all year long, it begins with taking care of your skin from the inside out. By following a few simple tips, you can achieve that radiant and confident look you desire. From washing your face properly and exfoliating regularly to using the right moisturizer and wearing sunscreen every day, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to turn heads and feel your best with our top tips for achieving your ultimate summer glow!

Healthy Skin Begins Within

Before we get into skincare tips, let’s talk about the importance of a healthy diet. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and what you eat directly affects its appearance. A balanced diet will help you maintain skin that looks young, healthy, radiant, and glowing from the inside out. 


Foods like blueberries, strawberries, and leafy greens are high in antioxidants, which can help fight free radical damage. Additionally, healthy fats found in avocados, nuts, and fish can help keep our skin plump and hydrated. Other foods, like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, promote the repair of skin and healthy skin cell growth due to the vitamins and minerals they contain. So, the next time you plan your meals, consider adding some of these skin-loving foods to your plate for a healthy and natural glow all year!

Properly Washing Your Face

A healthy skin routine should start with properly cleansing your face. This essential step helps to maintain healthy and glowing skin. But it’s not as simple as just splashing some water on your face. Properly washing your face helps remove dirt, oil, and makeup, which can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. 


When washing your face, use lukewarm water and a gentle face wash suited for your skin type. Avoid using hot water, which can strip your skin of its natural oils, and harsh scrubs, as they can irritate and damage your skin’s natural barrier. Start by gently massage the face wash into your skin for at least 30 seconds, focusing on areas prone to oil and dirt buildup, such as your forehead, nose, and chin. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Remember to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed, for optimal results. 


Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliating is another crucial step in maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and stimulates circulation, leaving your skin smoother and brighter. However, be careful not to over-exfoliate, which can irritate your skin and cause inflammation. It is recommended to exfoliate once or twice a week using a gentle scrub or chemical exfoliant.

Proper Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin is a vital step in keeping your skin hydrated and supple. Choose a moisturizer suited for your skin type and apply it after washing your face and using a toner. Moisturizing helps to create a protective barrier, preventing moisture loss while also keeping your skin looking plump and dewy.



The warmth of the sun on a summer day feels amazing! But protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial to maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin. Overexposure to harmful UV rays can cause your skin to burn, leading to premature aging and even skin cancer. If you plan on being outside, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen. At a minimum, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, regardless of whether it is a cloudy day. Be sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours while outside. 

Self-Tanner vs. Baking in the Sun

While a natural-looking tan might be tempting, baking in the sun is not the healthiest way to achieve it. Exposure to harmful UV rays can cause sun damage and can also increase your risk of skin cancer. Instead, opt for a self-tanner, which can give you a natural-looking glow without the harmful effects of the sun. There are plenty of options available that won’t turn you orange or streaky. Remember to exfoliate before applying self-tanner and wash your hands thoroughly after.


Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is like washing your face from the inside out. It is essential for your overall health and for keeping your skin hydrated and glowing. Dehydration can lead to dry, dull-looking skin, so make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Add some lemon or cucumber slices for extra flavor and vitamins.

Eating Healthy


No one loves to hear the word diet because it feels like we are depriving ourselves of things we love! But changing your eating habits to include fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein can help keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Foods high in antioxidants, like blueberries, strawberries, and kale, can help protect your skin from free radical damage. Additionally, fish and nuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation and keep your skin youthful.


Summer Haircare Tips

Maintaining healthy hair is just as important as taking care of your skin. The summer months can be harsh on your hair, so make sure you protect it from the sun and chlorine. Consider wearing a scarf or hat while outdoors; after swimming, be sure to rinse your hair out. Chlorine and ocean water can be hard on your hair. Use a hair mask once a week to keep your hair hydrated and shiny.

Wrapping Up

Achieving a healthy and natural-looking summer glow requires a combination of healthy habits, proper skincare, and sensible sun protection. By following these tips, you can get your summer glow on and keep it all year long. Remember to eat a healthy diet, properly wash and exfoliate your skin, apply moisturizer and sunscreen daily, and hydrate your body with plenty of water. Remember to take care of your hair and protect it from the harsh summer elements. At Salon & Spa De Crist, our team is here to help you with all your skincare and haircare needs. From glowing skin, beautifully lush and shiny hair, perfectly manicured nails, and massage services, we have you covered from head to toe. What are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule your appointment today!