There are several types of massage, but the Swedish massage is different than others. Swedish massage is known for its ability to reduce joint pain,  relieve physical and emotional distress as well as reduce stiffness. Salon & Spa De Crist has your covered head to toe with our relaxing massage therapies including the Swedish massage.

What is Swedish massage?

The massage was invented by a Swedish instructor called Per Henrick who once injured his elbows. He healed his injury by applying percussion around the affected area, and consequently inventing and this is Swedish massage technique. Therapists use several Swedish massage techniques on patients.  Some of these techniques include kneading, tapping, gliding strokes, and friction, which are applied to the soft tissues of the body. In some circumstances, you will find passive joint movements being used while in others, the active joint movements will be used. Swedish massage is known for its immense benefits ranging from physical to non-physical. The therapy is considered to be safe and a recommended substitute to medicine therapy. If you are experiencing stiffness, joint pain, or stress, keep reading to learn the common Swedish massage techniques and their benefits.

Swedish Massage Techniques


Effleurage is one of the most known Swedish massage techniques. It involves applying gliding strokes from the neck extending to the base of the spine, using one’s fingertips and or palms. It is usually a free-flowing technique, where you get to experience the therapist tracing the contours of your body using the palm of his or her hands. Typically, the masseuse will apply some oil before starting the first stroke. This helps to minimize friction and makes the whole process smooth. As the gliding continues, the therapist uses varying pressure depending on how you respond.  Note that strokes that are done on the limbs are usually directed towards the heart to help improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Furthermore, the strokes are meant to calm your nerves and relax your body.


Petrissage is different from effleurage in that it doesn’t involve any gliding. The therapist will make kneading movements with their thumbs, fingers, or hands on your skin, similar to kneading dough. Additionally, the therapist will lift, squeeze, and roll the flesh between the hands. Petrissage is simple and is meant to improve blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and improve your lymphatic drainage. Through the kneading process, petrissage cleanses toxins present in the muscle tissue and nerves too.

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Swedish Massage Technique – Friction

The friction technique is used on deeper muscles as opposed to petrissage and effleurage. It is referred to as the pressure stroke among all the Swedish massage techniques. It is the most in-depth technique available. Your therapist will apply pressure on your body by placing the weight of their body on their hands and the back of their forearms. After placing their weight, they proceed to release the pressure slowly and in a gentle motion.  It consists of transverse movements, usually near the joints and in other bony parts of the body. Friction aids in increasing joint and muscle flexibility. In case you need your muscle fiber knots to be broken, friction is your go-to technique.


Tapotement varies from the others in that the therapist uses percussive movements to tap your muscles in a rhythmic motion. This technique has a toning effect on your muscles. The therapist may choose to use the side of his hands while ensuring that the palms face each other, to make that chopping movement.

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Benefits Of Swedish Massage

Reduce Stress

Swedish massage will relieve you from stress and anxiety. Life can be stressful, and for many people, stress causes muscle tension. Reduce your stress with Swedish massage, a therapy used to optimize relaxation. You will spend your massage session at Salon & Spa De Crist in a peaceful environment, for an hour or more. Massage therapy helps to reduce the level of cortisol, your stress hormone. Reduced cortisol levels come with other benefits such as eliminating headaches and promoting a good night’s sleep. On top of these benefits, reduced stress levels enable your immune system to grow stronger, minimizing your chances of getting sick all the time.

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Increased Blood Circulation

Effleurage helps to promote blood flow because of the long strokes on your body. Usually, these long stroking motions are directed towards the heart to increase blood flow as well as open up those blood vessels. Increased blood flow is essential because it means that your muscles are getting plenty of oxygen and nutrients. Your body cells are also able to release toxins that are dangerous when left in the body.

Flexibility and Swedish Massage

With countable sessions of Swedish massage, your muscles become more relaxed. With more relaxed muscles, you will be able to enjoy a broader range of motions and become more flexible. This works best if you combine the massage sessions with stretches. You will be surprised at how flexible you will have grown with time.

Pain Relief

Last but not least, the other great benefit associated with Swedish massage is its ability to relieve one from pain. As the therapist relaxes your muscles with the strokes and blood circulation levels increase, your body relaxes, and the pain ceases. Through improved blood circulation, the toxins that had recently built up such as lactic acid are released as well.  Swedish massage can be used to relieve pain that results from an injury as well as chronic pain that comes with several illnesses and conditions. A person who has arthritis may feel relieved by going for a Swedish massage. The ability of the massage to decrease pain has improved the overall health of patients by smoothening the recovery process.

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