Meet the Heart of Salon & Spa De Crist

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Janel S.
Owner, Master Hair Stylist & Skin Therapist

In 1995 Janel dove into this exciting world of beauty and fashion. Through the years as the trends come and go, Janel always strives to stay at the top of her game. She attends high fashion classes and big hair shows, which give fuel to her fire to keep her salon on the cutting edge! She personally teaches or heads up classes quarterly for her staff, to keep everyone up to date on any new trends or techniques coming down the pipeline.

While hairdressing has been Janel’s passion for over 20 years, she is now serving her staff as if they are her most important clients. Through Janel’s eyes, this industry is one that is passionate, always changing and never stale! While Janel doesn’t take new clients, she is always assisting her staff with creative ideas for coloring and cutting, so all the clients who leave her salon will feel the quality that comes from the top. Salon & Spa De Crist is not your typical salon! We invite you to come and experience the difference. See Yourself in a Whole New Light!

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best hair stylist kylie

Kylie U.
Master Hair Stylist & Extension Specialist​

Feeling beautiful and confident every day is something that Kylie strives to give to each and every client.

Kylie can provide you with a trendy new haircut, a transformed color or simply refresh your current look.

As a seasoned ‘bridal stylist’ with confidence and creativity, she always creates the happiest wedding parties and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL brides!

Another talent she possesses is as an extension specialist who can provide clients with length, volume or a pop of color.

Kylie is a firm believer that your hair should look shiny, healthy and beautiful when you leave the salon, so she does everything possible to help you maintain the quality of your hair.

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senior hair stylist erica

Erica B.
Master Hair Stylist & Extensions Specialist

In the summer of 2011, Erica kicked off a new journey as Janel Schick’s apprentice. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in business/marketing in May of 2011, Erica realized that she was in the wrong place. It has been her dream since she was in high school to be a part of the fashion and beauty industry; Janel gave her the opportunity to live out that dream. After seeing this beautiful flower blossom before our eyes we all agree Erica is a huge asset to our Salon! Erica has the vision to change people’s lives by making them feel and look their absolute best. Beauty starts on the inside, but it is completed when one feels they look just as beautiful on the outside. Through Erica’s apprenticeship, she has become extremely proficient in all types of color, cutting and styling techniques, achieving her vision by enhancing the unique qualities of each client. Once you have sat in this beautiful, strong woman’s hair chair, you won’t go anywhere else. Excellence, precision, creativity, and genuine care…that’s our Erica!

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lees summit nail hair specialist cassidy

Cassidy W.
Master Hair Stylist and Nail Expert

“Make every day a great hair day” is Cassidy’s motto.

Cassidy believes in healthy, beautiful hair.  She vows not only to give you amazing hair, but also to have every client leave feeling fresh, confident, with no damage, and loads of shine!

Cassidy loves doing the newest color techniques including Balayage!  She is hands down the BEST in town for this technique!

If you are looking for a positive stylist that will give you an amazing color, shine, and healthy hair, Cassidy is your girl!

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pro hair stylist lees summit salon de crist aubrey

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artistry

Aubrey finished her apprenticeship under the owner Janel Schick, she is thrilled to be behind the chair as a licensed professional creating beauty full time.

Aubrey can create about any look on her guests, Aubrey prides herself in precision cutting, expert fades and gorgeous Balayage and Hi-lighting, Up-styling and flawless Makeup applications.

Being a natural active listener she can really get to the heart of what you are looking to achieve and deliver excellence every time.

So what is next? Just you and her in the hair chair creating your best you!

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nail stylist salon lees summit

Hair Stylist & Nail Artist

Everything beauty is this girl’s passion!!

Lizz loves the fulfillment in changing how people feel about themselves. Precision and detail are her mottoes, and this shows through the attention and care she puts into every client.

Lizz specializes in creating the perfect “Blonde.” With her keen eye, she strives to take your already blonde canvas and transform it into a shiny healthy blonde that you deserve to have!

“When was the last time someone complimented you on your blonde hair?” asks Lizz. Her blondes capture the attention of people on the streets all the time!

She strives to make sure that every client feels like a million bucks when they leave her hair chair. Lizz wants to be the person who brings you a quality service that is unforgettable! But now, enough about her!

Have a seat in Lizz’s chair and get spoiled!

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novalash eybrow hair stylist allyson

Allyson K.
Master Hair Stylist & NovaLash Extension Expert

Allyson is a talented hairstylist and lash extension expert. Her passion for hair started at a young age; she always knew that helping others look and feel fabulous was what she wanted to do.

She loves being a part of the Salon & Spa De Crist team, where she can show off her artistic talents by making everyone who sits in her chair feel beautiful.

This open-minded stylist is always ready to try something new, by staying abreast with the latest trends. She has the advantage to go beyond your expectations.

Being trendy has always been a major part of Allyson’s lifestyle; she loves to “WOW” her clients with new tricks to make their lives easier and their hair awesome! Allyson’s bubbly personality makes getting your hair done so enjoyable!!

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eyelash nail stylist melissa

Melissa M.
Hair Stylist, Nail & Eyelash Expert

Melissa started her journey with nails in 2000, and added hairdressing and lash extensions into her repertoire years later.  She adores everything about the beauty industry and you can see it all over her!

She loves the detailed work that comes with doing hair, nails and eyelashes. Melissa is a seasoned nail tech, and stays current on all the new trends.  She has a love and a passion for her clients.

As a busy mother of five, she knows the time restraints of life and wants her clients to feel pampered and relaxed while in her care.

She connects with her clients on both a professional and a personal level.  Melissa performs precise Hi-lighting and Balayage techniques, and her men’s cutting is always on point!

Ready for any challenge, Melissa will deliver you results every time!

She believes there is beauty in everyone and feels very blessed to be in an industry that allows her to empower people to see and feel their own beauty.

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salon decrist hair stylist bailey

Master Hair Stylist

Bailey is a passionate, second-generation hairdresser.  She believes that building a relationship with her clients is incredibly important. This allows her to get a clear understanding of what her client’s ultimate goal is with their hair.

Bailey specializes in trendy blondes: Balayage, hand painted Hi-Lights, Baby Lights, and a bleach with a smoky root!  You should see the incredible work that comes out of her chair!  WOW is all we have to say!  She will give your hair a total makeover, by hand painting some fantastic blonde tones in your hair for that jaw dropping look of your life!

Bailey is always ready for a new client with fresh ideas and inspiration this girl is ready to work!

Book an appointment with Bailey and begin your new hair journey today!

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hair salon stylist taylor

Taylor W.
Hair Stylist & Makeup Artistry

Taylor is a rising star at SSDC, she is a hard worker and dedicated to making sure you love your look! She specializes in precise men’s cuts, balayage, all over colors, keratin treatments, short, medium or long hair cutting she is all around a great stylist.

Taylor has also been taking the bridal market by storm, traveling onsite all around the KC Metro area performing breathtaking airbrush makeup applications.

With an attentive ear, she has the ability to really listen to your needs to ask the right questions and deliver precisely what you are looking for!t!

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hair stylist professional macy

Hair Stylist

This beautiful gem of a young woman loves helping clients find the service that will fit their lifestyle and desired look.

She delivers beautiful blondes using Hi-Lighting, Baby-Lighting, and popular Balayage techniques.  She is also very proficient in braiding as well as wedding up-styling.

One of Macy’s favorite services is a Keratin Treatment; this service will transform your textured hair and calm your frizz down into obedient tresses.

Macy has the ability to listen to what you want and deliver exactly what you are looking for the first time and keep you coming back for more!

Macy’s goal is to be available to serve your entire family.  She is proficient in cutting all kinds of hair; curly, straight, men and women. You will enjoy your “you time” in her hair chair.

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nail stylist lees summit mo salon de crist

Nail Apprentice

Grace is a second-generation nail artist, apprenticing under Master nail tech Melissa, also known to Grace as “Mom”.  Since she is from a big family she is not afraid to work hard!

Grace is a young passionate artist and will WOW you with her precision and artistic flare.  She has a serving heart and an eye for detail.  She will give you a perfect 10 toes and fingers every time.

Grace specializes in adding length to your nails and will give you a trendy shape and design.  Her pedicures are also a must as well.

Come and see this beauty while you still can!

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master hair stylist shelby

Master Hair Stylist

Shelby is ready and able to handle just about any hair challenge you may have. With over 10 years of experience in the hair industry, Shelby can see exactly what you are talking about and deliver results precisely every time!

She is grew up on the KS side and is the newest member of SSDC.

Shelby loves Hi-Lighting, Baby-Lighting, and popular Balayage techniques. With creative freedom and loads of great ideas you will never run out of ideas with this girl!

Special occasion? Shelby has got you covered! With the perfect makeup application and the precise up-style, Shelby can have you runway or wedding isle ready in a snap!

Come and meet this gem and sit in her chair and feel the difference!

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nail stylist lees summit salon de crist

Hair Stylist

Paxton is an eager stylist ready to learn and grow!  She is producing such beautiful work and giving clients the hair of their dreams!

This girl is from a big family and is not afraid to work hard.  With late night hours and Saturdays available, Paxton will be there for all your hair and beauty needs!

She has had a passion for this industry since she was a little girl.  Now that she gets to do this all day everyday she feels so thankful to be able to transform each client with the hair they have been hoping and wanting for so long!

Paxton is also ready to break into the creative coloring world and begin transforming vibrant fashion colors, so look out Instagram she is coming for you!

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esthetician salon de crist


Born in Kansas City but raised in Wichita, Kansas, Becky is proud to call Kansas City her home.

Esthetics is her second career and her true calling. Her esthetics experience includes serving as a Spa Director, an Esthetician and an Esthetics Instructor, which has afforded her advanced training in multiple skin care lines. Becky is committed to continuing education and staying current with market trends.

Becky is passionate about being behind the table bringing skin joy.

She believes in the power of esthetics for both well-being and results. Competent at microdermabrasion and chemical peels as well as nourishing facials, she is eager to set you on the right course of treatment to let your radiance shine!

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massage therapy professional nick

Massage Therapist

Salon & Spa De Crist is thrilled to have Nick on board full time in our Spa!  Nick has always been very interested in human biology, the anatomy of the body and how it works.  After graduating from Pinnacle Career Institute he was ready to begin helping people feel their very best. That is when he chose to join our team of professionals at Salon & Spa De Crist.

Originally Nick attended school in order to study sports medicine and physical therapy, but ultimately felt as though natural healing such as massage therapy was his true calling. Nick strives to understand each client’s needs and then works with them to set goals for their wellness and recovery.

Nick prefers to take the therapeutic route in massage, and he is known for utilizing circular friction, heavy effleurage and myofascial release techniques in order to reduce tension and pain. Some say, “Nick has healing in his hands”.

He is a top notch professional; he will leave you feeling great and will restore hope to feeling like your old self again!

Allow him to jump-start your body into healing itself.

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massage therapist salon de crist tess

Massage Therapist

Tess believes massage is essential to promoting an active & healthy lifestyle; her approach to massage focuses not only on relaxation, but incorporating deep tissue with full body-work. One of her specialties is prenatal massage; this type of bodywork focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be, as the body goes through the dramatic changes in pregnancy. It will help increase the function of your muscles and joints, by improving the circulation while relieving mental and physical fatigue.

Tess is also trained in Swedish massage, she uses a specific modality that stimulates the immune system, increases flexibility, helps you deal with pain management, and rehabilitates you from any muscle injuries.

With Tess’s wealth of knowledge, she is able to address a wide range of physical symptoms. Her goal is for ALL of her clients to walk out of their treatment feeling renewed and refreshed!

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