Throughout the years, many hair trends come and go, and then come back again. However, blowout hair will always be in style. In this article, your favorite Lee’s Summit salon and spa dive into the blowout style. What is blowout hair treatment? And what is the difference between a blowout and a keratin treatment? 

There are numerous benefits to getting a hair blowout including saving time and energy. After a blowout, one does not need to style hair for a few days. Get out of the house in minutes to start your day after a visit to Salon & Spa De Crist for a blowout treatment.

All About the Blowout Style

What is blowout hair treatment? 

A blowout treatment is a service offered at many salons including Salon & Spa De Crist. The service gives clients voluminous hair by first thoroughly washing the hair and then blow-drying with a round brush.

Blowout Treatment VS Keratin Treatment

Many people have a problem differentiating a blowout treatment from a keratin treatment. A keratin treatment is different in that it mainly focuses on nourishing the scalp using the protein keratin and only keratin products. Keratin is a component that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. A keratin treatment aims at ensuring the hair has enough keratin to boost its growth and health while doubling as a smoothing treatment. When discussing the different types of blowouts, oftentimes the products used are the biggest difference.

keratin vs blowout treatment

At-Home Blowout

Many people might not have a chance to go to the hair salon for hair treatment. A blowout treatment at home can, however, be done at any time by following the simple steps below:

  1. Wash the hair; the first step is always to prep the hair by making sure it is thoroughly washed. Washing the hair with alcohol or sulfate-free shampoo is most recommended. Condition the hair by applying a deep conditioning hair mask which makes it easy to style.
  2. Prep the hair; after washing, apply hair spray to the roots to make it lift from the bottom creating voluminous hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner to the edges to boost their health and avoid breakage.
  3. Blow-dry the hair until it is 70% dry to make sure that the style holds when you are done. It is better to deal with damp hair to avoid hair loss through breakage. It is also advisable to blow-dry the hair upside down to make sure that the edges are uniform with the rest of the hair.
at home blowout treatment

4. Dry the hair near your face; this is always a challenge for most people, but here is the trick. Always blow-dry the hair facing away from the face. Alternatively, take a round brush and wrap the hair around it as you blow it dry. It straightens within seconds.

5. Flip back the hair and show off. Clearly, doing a blowout at home is quite easy. With the right tools and techniques, perfection can be attained by practicing.

Tips to Make a Blowout Last

The greatest challenge with a blowout is how to make it last. I mean, nobody has time or money to keep running to the salon for a blowout. Here are top tips to make a blowout last. 

  • Invest in quality; The quality of the chemicals used will determine how long a blowout lasts. Invest in high-quality shampoos, treatments, and equipment to ensure a hair blowout lasts longer than the average.
  • Divide and conquer; do not be tempted to rush through a blowout treatment. Blow-dry all the hair at once does not produce perfect results because the hair does not completely dry, especially at the roots. The secret is to divide the hair into many sections and blow them dry one by one. Ensure to dry the hair from the scalp to the edge, and repeat the process as many times as it needs to dry the hair completely.
  • The brush matters; a blowout is only as good as the equipment used in the process. In this case, a round brush is the best. Additionally, a larger brush should be used for longer hair. Use the brush in different directions for different sections of the hair. This is a trick to achieve more lift at the roots.
  • The flip head overtrick; every blowout lover wants droopy roots after a blowout. To achieve this amazing look, flip your hair over your head and direct the blow dryer nozzle directly to the roots. 
  • Use the hairspray that suits the hair type.
tips for high quality blowouts
  • Prop the hair at the top when sleeping; nothing messes up to blow out hair than letting it lose during sleep. Popping the hair at the top will definitely make a blowout last longer.
  • Choose a good shower cap. This protects the edges from getting wet hence making the blowout last longer.
  • Practice safe sweating when in the gym by protecting the hair from perspiration. Using an absorbent cloth as a headband will protect the baby-hair from fizzing up, making the blowout style last longer.
  • In case the blowout is fading off, it can always be refreshed with a blow dryer. Just pass it through the hair like when it was wet, and the blow out will look as good as new.

Blowout Hair for Special Occasions

Special occasions call for treating yourself and your hair! Weddings, holiday parties, special celebrations, or just wanting to practice a little self-care are all excellent reasons to get blowout hair treatment. On occasions that one needs hair flexibility like when traveling, it is advisable to do a blowout treatment in advance. You won’t have to worry about your hair, and instead, you can enjoy traveling even more! 

Where to Get a Blowout Hair Treatment

Visit Salon & Spa De Crist for all the different hair treatments and services including a blowout hair treatment. As mentioned before, high-quality chemicals, products, and tools make for the best hair blowout. Choose the quality salon you deserve! After an appointment with Salon & Spa De Crist, get ready to see yourself in a whole new light.