It is very common for people to experience stress in their life. They may try a multitude of different potential remedies. Some people may go to their doctor to get pharmaceuticals that can help them. Others may try meditation as a way to relax. However, what many actually need is a massage. Massage for stress? Massage therapy can help reduce the amount of stress built up in the body, and this is a clinically proven way of helping people feel more relaxed. Feeling less stressed is simply a byproduct of allowing your body to feel better. Here are some of the many benefits associated with getting a massage for stress.

Why Stress Is So Detrimental

Unlike a regular disease that has symptoms, and a potential catalyst for their illness, stress is slightly different. Stress causes many different problems, both physically and emotionally. Some of those symptoms will include developing migraine headaches, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, restlessness, and often a complete inability to focus. This is why it is important to find a good masseuse that can help massage your body and alleviate some of the symptoms.

Why Massage for Stress Works

Getting a massage can help with your stress for three specific reasons. First of all, when you are stressed, your body is going to become tenser regarding your muscles, ligaments, and also your tendons. You may develop headaches because the muscles around your cranium are causing it to compress. Some people may actually develop blood clots, small ones that can develop in their capillaries. By reducing the tension in the body with massage for stress, blood flow will be much better, and stress will start to be reduced.

why stress is detrimental

Secondly, massage therapy works can also be therapeutic from a mental perspective. When you are getting a massage, people often talk about their problems. Although a masseuse is not a therapist, they often act as one by simply listening to what the other person is saying. 

Finally, a massage can provide you with a distraction. You can simply lose yourself in regard to your emotions or mental state. For that 30 minutes, or even for an entire hour, you are being taken away from the many problems of your life.

What Is The Real Reason That Massage Therapy Reduces Stress?

According to medical professionals, massage for stress works for a couple of different reasons. From a mental and emotional standpoint, massage therapy is simply relaxing. Just as taking a break, or going on a vacation, massage can provide you with a respite from your life. Second, many of the people that will provide a massage will also use aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is proven to cause chain reactions within the brain that can lead to a more relaxed state of mind. The hands of the masseuse can be therapeutic. This tactile event actually causes a person to feel connected. Although this has nothing to do with taking pharmaceutical remedies or having a medical treatment done, it is therapeutic and that is why it works both physically and mentally.

massage therapy for stress benefits

7 Primary Benefits Of Getting A Massage for Stress

There are seven primary benefits of receiving massage therapy for stress.

  1. Massage therapy is calming, making the therapy perfect for stress. 
  2. If you have an overactive mind that will not stop thinking, massage therapy is known to help one relax and forget about their problems. 
  3. Endorphins that are produced by the brain during a massage can cause a euphoric effect. 
  4. Sessions can help with problems like depression or anxiety. 
  5. Suffer from inflammation? Massage therapy provides anti-inflammatory effects. 
  6. You may have elevated amounts of serotonin or endorphins flowing through your body. Massage for stress can change and regulate your hormone levels.
  7. Finally, you will leave feeling not only relaxed but invigorated, because your body will feel good and that will inspire you to power through your stress.
relieve your stress with massage therapy

Noticeable Changes After A Massage

After someone has had a massage, they often notice significant changes in their personality. Specifically, the way they react to the events and people in their life. Other noticeable changes include the minimization of angry outbursts and becoming more social. Eating habits may change, and the need for drugs or alcohol will diminish as well. Even tobacco use has been shown to fall away quickly when people get a regular massage. Mood changes such as feeling happy, calm, and satisfied often accompany a successful massage. Physically, people will feel a noticeable change in their levels of fatigue, muscle tension, and they may also see an increase in their sex drive. At the very least, once you have had a massage, you will have an easier time falling asleep at night. 

Are There Any Drawbacks To Having A Massage?

There are two drawbacks that may result from getting a massage for stress. First of all, many people report feeling as if they are in more physical pain than they were when they first arrived. This is quite common, especially if you have not had someone massage your muscles to this extent. The other discomfort that you may experience is a feeling that you are itching all over. This is because there is more blood flow going through your muscles. Other than that, a massage for stress is only going to provide you with positive benefits that can help you feel better.

Final Thoughts on Massage for Stress

There are so many benefits to having a regular massage and a massage for stress. The therapy is a simple way to make changes to your body and mind without having to take pharmaceutical drugs or recreational beverages to change their state. Once it is all done, they will be ready to take on the world like they haven’t been able to for months or years. A massage may be exactly what you need to improve your perspective of your life and help you move forward toward achieving your goals. Salon & Spa De Crist provides excellent massage services to the Lee’s Summit community and surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment today